• Directory Buzz
    Directory Buzz
    Discover How This Cool Directory Submitter Can Help Boost Your Link Building & SEO Efforts Instantly!
    Value: $197
  • Squeeze Buzz
    Squeeze Buzz
    Discover How This Awesome Squeeze Page Generator Will Help Crank Out Squeeze Pages On Instant Demand & Build You A Huge List!
    Value: $197
  • Forum Buzz
    Forum Buzz
    Discover How This Cool Forum Poster Software Can Help Organize & Boost Your Forum Marketing Efforts Instantly!
    Value: $197
  • Blog Buzz
    Blog Buzz
    Discover How This Cool Blog Finder Software Can Help Boost Your Link Building & SEO Efforts Instantly!
    Value: $197
  • Shopping Cart Plugin
    Shopping Cart Plugin
    Turn your WordPress blog into a full blown ecommerce site and start selling online! Shopping Cart plugin lets you sell tangible products, services, and digital downloads securely from your own wordpress site. The plugin is packed with features to make selling easier on the internet and allows Paypal payments. You can ADD buy now buttons and links to your website and a beautiful shopping cart. Embed a list of products. Sell from image hotspots. Accept payments, manage orders, shipping, vouchers, discounts, stock levels, members, affiliate partners and more. Sell physical and digital products, create fundraisers, event tickets, subscriptions and more.
    Value: $197
  • 7 Agency Themes for Wordpress
    7 Agency Themes for Wordpress
    Close more clients with DFY Website Templates.
    Value: $297
  • 20 Local Marketing Landing Page Pack
    20 Local Marketing Landing Page Pack
    Use these 20 premium landing page templates to provide web agency service and charge them high fee
    Value: $297
  • Local Landing Page + Whiteboard Video Pack
    Local Landing Page + Whiteboard Video Pack
    Use these 30 premium landing page plus Whiteboard video to help clients advertise their business
    Value: $497
  • Google Maps Creator
    Google Maps Creator
    Easy to install and non-bloated Google Map Plugin for businesses to showcase their location. Clients need maps of their store on their site and this is an EASY way to set it up fast for profits.
    Value: $197
  • ConversionTimer Wordpress Plugin
    ConversionTimer Wordpress Plugin
    Improve your Wordpress site conversion by showing Countdown Timer towards visitors
    Value: $247
  • Wordpress Bot Pro
    Wordpress Bot Pro
    Get the Best ChatBot Plugin for WordPress – WPBot More Leads, Conversions and Satisfied customers! WPBot is the first & only WordPress Integrated, Plug n’ Play ChatBot that can improve user engagement, provide support, answer questions & increase conversions!
    Value: $197
  • Account with Videract
    Account with Videract
    Access the software that helps you improve conversions, engagements into an existing video (can be uploaded or use Youtube) with Call to Action and Major Autoresponder Integrations. To access this software, you can only contact after 30 days of your purchase when refund period expires (include your name, your email and your purchase receipt). Due to abusiveness of those who claim refund, you can only claim this bonus only when refund period expires
    Value: $297
  • Reseller Rights to Responsive Video Gallery App
    Reseller Rights to Responsive Video Gallery App
    Video Gallery is the most versatile gallery software tailored with amazing features and spectacular designs. It is the ultimate gallery plugin that supports audio, video, images, posts, instagram and mixed gallery. Now you can build beautiful video portfolios showcasing your Vidrepurposer videos or videos for clients! It offers tons of multiple options with flawless functionalities. Add many as gallery items as you like, quick edit and manage them however you want.
    Value: $197
  • ​Ready-Made Niche Websites
    ​Ready-Made Niche Websites
    An online business that leads to success starts with a website. Website is the place where you build relations with your audience, share your knowledge and experience with others and finally make money from your website. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the creation of a website, Here is 100 ready-made blogs, packed with all the content you’ll need to attract FREE search engine traffic, backlinks, visitors and buyers…
    Value: $197
  • Responsive HTML5 Audio Player PRO
    Responsive HTML5 Audio Player PRO
    A top-notch responsive HTML5 Audio Player compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices. Any color scheme possible, customizable from parameters, so you can integrate this audio player in any design.
    Value: $197
    This cloud-based app creates DFY traffic generation pages with the click of your mouse... Then helps you INSTANTLY monetize your new traffic with smart redirects to profitable offers for an all-in-one income solution.
    Value: $247
  • Resellers License to Video Joiner
    Resellers License to Video Joiner
    Video Joiner is a brand new software that lets you fuse videos seamlessly. Just select the videos you want to join and follow the simple steps to integrate the videos. A few clicks and you get a video customised to your needs. No need to hire professional help to bring together videos. Do it on your own.
    Value: $197
  • BackupBuddy - Backup, restore and Move Any WordPress Site In Minutes!
    BackupBuddy - Backup, restore and Move Any WordPress Site In Minutes!
    Easily backup, restore or move your WordPress site to another domain or server with BackupBuddy, the best WordPress backup plugin. Sites get hacked every day. Our passwords are rarely as strong as we think. And sometimes it doesn't matter. Sometimes we (or our clients) delete the wrong file or make a change that breaks something. Ever trigger a fatal error from a bad plugin? Crashes happen. But with BackupBuddy, recovering from a problem is quick and easy.
    Value: $197
  • 50 Banner Templates (PSD+PNG)
    50 Banner Templates (PSD+PNG)
    Get more CTR to your landing page,funnel,websites using these pre-defined high converting banners
    Value: $297
  • Social Media Alerts & Feeds WordPress Builder
    Social Media Alerts & Feeds WordPress Builder
    With this plugin, you will able to create alerts from different social networks to let the visitor know what you are up to, show your feed or simply have a like/follow box! for more information about this WordPress Social media plugin please click On Demo Button.
    Value: $197
  • Quick Tube Checker
    Quick Tube Checker
    Find the bets titles and keywords from rival videos for your own videos. Optimize your videos in a matter of minutes and rank near the top.
    Value: $197
  • Comment Traffic Generator
    Comment Traffic Generator
    Earn More Income, More Subscribers & Establish Healthy Relationship With Your Daily Blog Readers By Using Your WordPress Comment Box Introducing a wordpress plugin “Comment Traffic Generator“ “Comment Traffic Generator” is an advanced concept but simple and easy to use wordpress plugin capable of boosting your sales, traffic, subscribers list and do much more by sending a thank you message to your first blog commentators.
    Value: $197
  • LetReach Web Notifications
    LetReach Web Notifications
    LetReach is a full featured web push notification platform which helps in re-engaging users to website. - Geo Targeting - Detailed Reporting - Works on both HTTP and HTTPS website and more more features
    Value: $297
  • Commercial Rights to WordPress Rapid Page Builder
    Commercial Rights to WordPress Rapid Page Builder
    A slick WordPress page builder to build out customized sites right from within the dashboard that COMES WITH 30+ CONTENT ELEMENTS
    Value: $197
  • 220+ Done For You Local Video Templates
    220+ Done For You Local Video Templates
    Create Highly Engaging & Profit Pulling Videos In Minutes . . . Done-For-You Video Templates, Audio Tracks and Stock Images . . . Using Only MicroSoft Powerpoint! 220+ Brand new collection of Premium PowerPoint video templates that are aesthetic, responsive and easy to use. Comes with beautiful artistic effects yet so easy to edit. No matter what kind of video you’re trying to create, there’s a video template for you. DFY Local Vids makes video creation drop-dead simple.
    Value: $397
  • Ecommerce Video Templates
    Ecommerce Video Templates
    Get 20+ Done For You, High Converting eCom Video Template That You Can Customize With Ease & Promote your eCom Products Online...
    Value: $397

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